Auto Accident Injury

Auto Injury Treatment in Salina, KS With Our Experienced Chiropractor Team

The statistics are true: you're far more likely to be involved in a car crash than a plane crash. While we hope neither scenario occurs to you or a loved one, our Salina chiropractor team wants you to know we can help if you ever sustain an auto accident injury! Our chiropractic services are ideal for resolving car crash injuries—many of which may not show up for weeks or months after the initial trauma.

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Common Types of Auto Accident Injury

An auto accident injury can be tricky. Because fight-or-flight hormones mask pain—and because these hormone surges during times of trauma and sometimes take a while to return to their pre-accident levels—you may be walking around with a hidden injury for days, weeks, or months after a crash and not even realize it. 

This usually means that by the time you do notice a problem and seek help, the injury has only grown worse. Fortunately, our Salina chiropractor can identify and resolve hidden signs of injury before symptoms, thus improving your outcomes drastically.

The following types of car crash injuries are among the most common ones Dr. Brad Temple detects and diagnoses in his clinic:

  • Whiplash: neck, head, and shoulder dysfunction due to forceful flexion and extension of the neck 
  • Shoulder dislocation: the shoulder joint pops out of place (usually due to seat belt impact) 
  • Rotator cuff strain or tear: muscle irritation and damage to the small muscles around your shoulder (with or without shoulder dislocation)
  • Disc herniation or bulge: rupture or protrusion of a spinal disc due to force or impact
  • Sciatica: compression of the sciatic nerve root in the lumbar spine (usually from an injured disc, misaligned joint, or muscle spasm)

It's important to realize that an injury can be sustained even in a minor car crash. No auto accident is too small to deserve a follow-up visit with a chiropractor!

How Our Salina Chiropractor Team Resolves Auto Accident Injury

After providing you with a thorough diagnosis, our Salina chiropractor can offer effective drug-free solutions to your pain and dysfunction. Our services may include:

  •  Chiropractic adjustments: realign your spinal discs and joints that were hurt due to impact, relieve pressure on pinched nerves, facilitate natural pain relief
  • Corrective exercises: reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain and increase strength and endurance through individually prescribed exercises
  • Nutritional counseling: learn the types of foods you should be eating (and not eating) to accelerate tissue healing and decrease inflammation

Dealing With an Auto Accident Injury? 

Contact Temple Chiropractic by calling (785) 823-3008 for help. It's our honor and mission to serve you and get you back on the road!

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